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. we will manufacture products that cater to the needs of local consumers. our plan is to use brazilian-made materials by investing in local development and production. >>> toyota displaying the new car released last month. the 50 participating automakers are vying for big shares in the brazilian market. new vehicle sales there exceeded 3.6 million units last year. expecting to boost the figure by 45%. >>> but it is not all good news for japanese automakers. production lines at a toyota factory in south africa have come to a halt. striking workers at a local supplier causing a lack of key parts. the toyota motor assembly plant in the city of durbin stopped its production lines last week. workers at the company's car seat factory are demanding a wage hike. toyota supplies the seats. its officials are in talks with the local labor union but say they aren't sure when output can resume. this is not the first time it was forced to close. it was shuttered for several days earlier this month when its own workers staged a strike. labor issues in emerging economies continue to pose a challenge t
off at the u.s. marine corps air station in okinawa at about 7 p.m. local time on tuesday. the other ascended about 20 minutes later. the first one rose vertically like a helicopter, tilted the propellers forward and flew off to the north. the second one took off after running along the runway with the propellers tilted. it appears the infrared devices are being checked for nighttime flights. people in okinawa against the deployment have been repeatedly staging protests. they see the safety of the aircraft as not being fully established. u.s. forces are expected to soon begin full operation of the tiltrotor aircraft. >>> a former japanese abjecty has rejected arguments the country has nothing to do with the dispearance of her mother. she spoke at a rally in tokyo on tuesday and described out north korean agents abducted her and can her mother in 1978 in the sea of japan. she said three men assaulted her and her mother on their way home and rejected north krooe's explanation and said the attackers were not japanese. the nation insists that her mother never entered the country. >>ransl
building events organized by local chinese like him. >> translator: i want everyone to know the history of the chinese living here, developing close relations with the japanese. >> reporter: he has always been part of the local community making lots of japanese friends. after a massive earthquake hit kobe in 1995, cai sprang into action. he rounded up supplies for evacuees sheltering in a school for chinese. >> translator: i did it as an individual. it was all about personal ties, whether you were japanese or chinese, it was irrelevant. we are and will be part of the local community. that's why i value my friendship with my japanese neighbors. >> reporter: last month the dispute sent anti-japanese demonstrators into the streets of chinese cities and in kobe a school for chinese nationals was torched. playing havoc with the friendship event cai was organizing. >> translator: it was cancelled, just so you know, it is just too bad. that's the way it is. >> reporter: the event was to have marked the anniversary of normal ties between japan and china. a chinese from the mainland was to have
counterparts to lead the way. >> translator: i want to be someone who has both a global and local perspective. i want to be confident in knowing what i'm capable of. >> translator: japan has experienced two lost decades of growth. we think if students can create a new path to the future, the country will be able to grow again. >>> a japanese film director returned from the prestigious toronto international film festival with an award in hand. he directed "the land of hope." it was inspired by the nuclear disaster in fukushima. he tells the story of an accident that devastates residents of a fictional town and picked their struggle to survive. nhk world has more. >> reporter: the movie is directed by award winning director, sono. sono views public interest and nuclear safety has been fading since the accident. with his new film, he wants to remind people. the film shows how the threat of radiation exposure affected local residents. this pregnant woman is too afraid to take off protective clothing. >> translator: i've made my film extremely dramatic. i extracted the essence of the whole thing a
state and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. >> 370,000 new yorkers who live close to the water have already left. city officials have shut down the transit system. businesses and shops have closed. workers are piling up sand bags in front of subway entrances and buildings. >> it's vr important. this is the stop the water from gog into the subway. >> irene last year didn't look like this after it hit. >> they expect the storm will pound a wide area for several days. >> sandy has interacted with cold air from the north and it's become a post tropical cyclone. it's not a tropical cyclone anymore but the field of heavy rain and strong winds are expanding and things will get even worse bause the center of a former hurricane sandy is expected to move into the new jersey coast. extremely dangerous storm surge combined with high tide could cause flooding. that's why hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate. it's going to move through pennsylvania into new york city. rain will spread as much as 2000 millimeters with 300 mi
generation has to take care. we have to pass it on to them. >> reporter: cooperation of local people is important. at this village residents have planted trees and saplings. villagers take care of them, weeding the grass and replacing chutes. forest officials explain the importance of conservation. and villagers can use the budget from the project toward repairing local temples to try to buy favor with their community. >> if you have some project coming up into a village, they'll get assurance, okay, the project has come, it's for the benefit of the village, so in that respect more people, more villages coming to join us. >> training local people to conserve requires long term financial support. developing nations are calling on advanced economies to allocate more money to the important cause of preserving global heritage. nhk world, sikkam. >> teenage pregnancy rates in many countries are higher than the asian average and still rising. that's a concern given the potential health implications for young mothers. international organizations such as unicef warn that pregnancy can harm a
for the government to adopt measures support people like us. >> now, after the one child policy, some local officials are conducting an experiment. they will allow some parents to have more than one child. >> right. and i am joined now from our studio in beijing. so how many other organizations like lee's exist in china? >> there are some in beijing, and shanghai, but the numbers are small. the chinese government says that one million families have lost their only child by the end of last year. new support organizations are emerging slowly, but those ein need are greg faster. >> isn't there any other local government, that are tackling the problem? >> since 2008, bathe beijing government has been supporting the families of a monthly allowance of $33. the shanghai government, one-time money, but, the central government has yet to show any concrete plan. more complaints are posted on the internet. accusing the government for dragging its feet. the criticism will most likely get even louder. >> i see, thank you very much. that was nhk world's correspondent in beijing. >>> they use cells to make heart mu
and bathe in local hot springs because of the locals kind treatment, the prisoners flourished. the actor who plays nicolai visits a russian cemetery before sitting out for moscow. >> translator: the people who are resting here wanted to return to their homeland but could not. they must have felt very sad. i came here to tell them that we would help fulfill their yearnings. >> reporter: opening night in moscow at the theater. his impassioned performance touches the russian audience. they respond to the rhythm of the russian song. the performance ends with nicolai returning to russia. however he gives her the gold coin. though he promises to come back, the two lovers are destined to never see each other again. [ applause ] >> translator: very good. it moved me to the bottom of my heart. >> translator: this taught me an aspect of japanese history that i didn't know before. you don't often see moscow theaters audiences in tears, but the tears flowed tonight. >> translator: there may be political problems between our two countries but i do feel that person to person communication right from the h
's toyota and nissan are there with the newest offerings, but other makers are noticeably absent. local affiliates decided not to take part in the wake of anti-japanese protests last month in several chinese cities. >> translator: i do not want to buy a japanese vehicle due to the dispute. >> translator: however both countries handle the dispute, i think japanese carmakers should still be participating. >> several chinese dealerships have postponed their sales campaigns for new japanese models. >>> aeon, added up the cost of protests, demonstrators caused $9 million in damages to their flag ship store in the eastern part of the country. a group of people looted and damaged the supermarket in the reskrun durigion during the ral month. managers say they expect to reopen in late november. the riots hurt aeon's chance of mini-stop convenience stores. they will cut the number of planned outlets from 70 to 20. still, they say will expand in china. they say can't ignore the opportunities in the growing market. >>> europe's major banks have raised $260 billion in fresh capital during the year t
of a local woman by two u.s. servicemen. okinawans have lived with u.s. military bases in their backyard for decades. incidents such as this have occurred repeatedly. the case could further strain japan/u.s. security ties. investigators say the men attacked the woman before dawn on tuesday on a street in the central part of okinawa's main island. they say the suspects raped and injured her and then made off with some of her personal belongings, including her bag, mobile phone and some of her clothes. the servicemen arrived in okinawa on sunday and were to leave for guam on tuesday. okinawa's governor naikama met the u.s. ambassador japan john roos at the american embassy. nakaima expressed grave concern the matter would irreparably damage trust between okinawa and the u.s. military there. they say they take the matter seriously and are extremely concerned. >> translator: i wonder if u.s. servicemen are willing to abide by the law and it gives me chills just to think that such people actually fly military planes. people in okinawa are losing their trust. >> this case is coming at a time w
well-known japanese brands, honda, mitsubishi and subaru. the local car dealers decided not to take part in this year's event following anti-japan unrest in several chinese cities last month. >> translator: i do not want to buy a japanese vehicle due to the senkaku dispute. >> translator: however both countries handle the dispute, i think japanese carmakers should still be participating. >> several chinese car dealers have also postponed their sales campaigns for new models of the japanese vehicles. >>> japanese business leaders are wringing their hands about the economic impact of these tensions. yogi khan joins us now from the business desk. we've heard about these concerns before. what's the lateest? >> we've already heard from some japanese companies about the impact of the political tensions between japan and china and the latest one comes from japan's largest supermarket store chain. the people at japanese supermarket chain aeon say demonstrators cost almost $9 million in damages to their flagship store in the eastern part of the country. a group of people looted and damaged t
back the clock. it slammed into the east coast. cutting off power, communications and travel. local media say at least 40 people across the u.s. have been killed. experts have downgraded sandy from a hurricane to post tropical cyclone by the time it hit shore. still, new yorkers have never seen anything like it. >> we expected an unprecedented storm impact here in new york city. that's what we got. so while the worst of the storm is passed conditions are still dangerous. i just can't stress that enough. >> a power station in manhattan exploded. power was knocked out to much of the burough. city officials say it will take one week to restore power as well as the walteter, rail and other services. 2 million households across new york state are still without electricity. the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says workers are alerted at the nuclear power plant on the new jersey coast. officials were concerned about high water levels. three other nuclear mranlplants new jersey and new york were shut down because of high water and damage to the electrical grid. new yorkers found their st
already made deals with india. the nuclear central is facing strong head winds. local people and police clash last month near a nuclear plant under construction. one person was killed during clashes. the government insists that nuclear power is necessary to fix india's shortage. >> for the new challenges coming in public acceptance. this is a major challenge. we are not been prepared for the challenge of this magnitude. >> reporter: economic growth in india has been sling. many foreign companies site unreliable electricity as one of the major problems of doing business in india. despite rising public opposition the government seems likely to stick firmly to its ambitious nuclear goals. >>> a land slide in china has buried an elementary school killing 16 children. about 2,000 firefighters, police officers and local people are continuing rescue efforts. china state run television said the land slide occurred on thursday morning. 18 students and a former were buried alive. the city was struck by an earthquake last month that killed more than 80 people. the quake may have loosened the groun
in northern lebanon between groups that support and oppose the government. local media reported exchanges of fire involving automatic weapons and motors. the violence was trigged by the killing of a top lebanese official last week. he was known as a leading opponent of the syrian president. his death was seen as a act of retaliation in lebanon. >>> a high ranking sian ficial say president bashar assad welcomes in principal a cease-fire proposal. syria's deputy minister made the remarks on monday with nhk. he met with the united nations sunday in damascus. he called for a cease-fire between government and opposition forces starting on friday. the first day of the muslim holiday. deputy foreign minister attended the meeting. >> when he raised the issue yesterday in his meeting, the president said we welcome all these ideas but we should discuss them with the relevant parties. two or three days there will be a very clear position by the syrian leadership on this issue. >> he stressed the importance of a commitment by opposition forces to stop the violence. he also criticized saudi arabia and
total rainfall of about 300 millimeters for a wide area with locally 500. so watch out for mudslides as well. as i mentioned, it's going to stay offshore of the east coast of the u.s., but the east coast of florida will see heavy rain as well as rough sea conditions for the next few days. up towards the north, a winter storm is producing snow showers and strong winds across parts of the u.s. and western canada. about 10 centimeters of snow is likely in the northern rockies and 20 centimeters in manitoba, even in the lower elevations, into your thursday. we're going to see heavy thundershowers along the cold front from texas up into ontario. conditions will remain quite unsettled across the upper mississippi river valley, so the risk of severe weather should remain into your thursday here. but behind it, another system is on its way to affect the west coast. temperatures are quite chilly. there's only 8 degrees expected in vancouver. 3 degrees in winnipeg. ahead of the cold front, on the warmer side, 23 in chicago. but as the system moving through, you're going to see temperatures dro
kept costs down by using more locally made parts. nissan executives hopes the new car launch would jump start sales in the country. but the timing couldn't have been worse. anti-japanese sentiment is running high. company analysts say the impact on sales has been larger than expected. >> this is the kind of crisis that really we don't like because it's completely outside of reach of companies. you know, political situationth, very emotional between the two countries and you're caught in the middle. >> reporter: japanese automakers have been forced to kep a lower profile since the senkaku issue erupted. that means less, sometimes no product promotion. this model show held in tangen last month is a key event on the industry calendar. but honda, mitsubishi and fuji all bowed out at the last moment. the situation is made worse by a spreading consumer boycott targeting japanese products. >> translator: because of the senkaku issue, i'm going to buy a german car. >> translator: given the political problems, i don't think it's a good idea to buy a japanese car now. >> reporter: one dealer of e
problems and respond to them. >>> locals are concerned about the noise, the osprey generates. noise levels measured across the prefecture as high as those inside factories. the prefecture asked the central government to assess impact of the ospreys on the local environment. officials think the aircraft could harm quality of life and natural environment. >>> it looks like a large flying insect. but is actually a man made device to make disaster response more effective. and it is being used by a japanese company to reach damaged sites that are hard to reach. and to send back high revolution, resolution video images. >> it takes pictures. it can shoot a video like this. through the work of of aerial company in this prefecture. they photograph disaster areas across japan. >> translator: the unique thing is it can go places where humans cannot, take photos and gather valuable information. >> reporter: four years ago the team made this unmanned aircraft guided by remote control, it flies to locations, takes pictures and returns. at the end of march last year, the aircraft made headlines. it flew
has no laws dealing with school bullying but local governments have started passing regulations to address the issue. they are informing educators, parents and others in the community that they have a responsibility to protect children. >>> people in tokyo, including myself, are wearing warmer clothes today. it's a chilly morning. >> it's really cool. i wore a jacket in on my way to work. we had cooler conditions and less windy conditions. those conditions led to overnight cooling. today it's going to be the same story. we're going to see clear skies throughout the day today. out west this is a low pressure system producing heavy snow and showers in north eastern china that will be moving towards the korean peninsula. pr the tropical storm has been weakened to a low. it brings in drenching rain in northern parts of thailand. out east there's a typhoon. it's a strong typhoon. sustained winds are 126 kilometers per hour with gusts up to 108. it's going to strengthen into a strong typhoon. we're not sure where the system is going. we'll keep you posted. temperatures are looking lik
and a pedestrian bridge in a jungle village. several children are among the dead. military personnel and locals are searching for the missing. the land slide sent large mass of tree and rock debris crashing into houses over a wide area. the government is sending relief supplies including tent and sheets. rescue and recovery is being hampered by further land slides and flooded rivers. >>> some people in southern japan are being affected by a storm in the pacific. we hear is latest in the world weather forecast. >> rheavy rain was close by. we have reports of 75 millimeters of rain per hour and gusts of 38 kilometers per hour. the good news is that it should weaken by tonight and continues to pull way from japan. the outer rain band produced heavy rain across the pacific edge of the country last night. conditions are starting to clear up and we're expecting sunny weather to continue into the weekend. to the north cooler air comes in. we may see snow showers in the mountain region. temperatures are quite chilly for this time of year. two degrees expected. tokyo had the coolest morning of the seaso
the town had to be evacuated as it was just 15 kilometers from the power plant. the students at the local junior high school split up and found themselves in few schools far away. this is not the final out for the baseball team. this summer the older players got together to take part in a national semihardball baseball tournament. >> reporter: for the players on the baseball team, this is the biggest day of their lives. they've been living far apart since last spring but now they are back together and playing in a national tournament. although the team is officially dissolved, the third year players wb playing together again. wearing donated uniforms they won the prefecture tournament and qualified for the national competition. the captain loves playing baseball. it's been hard for the players to gather for practice sessions, he's done his best to lead the team. following the nuclear crisis his family is evacuated from the town. at first he was worried whether he would be able to play baseball at his new school, but the baseball team there welcomed him on board. >> translator: i want us t
years ago. now works with the local people. >> reporter: leather products are very good. when i discovered this i immediately saw the great potential. >> reporter: it's made possible by sheep. ri most sheep skins are sent outside the country but four years ago the government began to promote the industry. now it's possible to obtain high quality for making handbags right in ethiopia. at first she was frustrated. many people were so used to living on foreign aid they seemed to have lost the incentive the work. the partnership began. she works all night to finish up labor products. >> seeing her work so hard and treat each piece with such care made me want to collaborate with someone who had those values. in fact, i wanted to create a brand that would express those values. >> it's nice. we like it. >> reporter: she wanted to make the bags that showed essence of ethiopia. this drink inspired the two to design a basic handbag pattern. >> translator: it's unique and interesting. it gave me an idea. >> reporter: the workshop opened two years ago, but the company delayed selling goods
. we're expecting it to become a severe tropical storm by friday morning local time and on friday it will speed up and head towards central vietnam. it could make landfall in this region by over the weekend. we'll keep you mosted on the situation. as for the rest of east asia, light showers are moving over northeastern china and more heavy rain is situated in southwestern china and much of the indochina peninsula and the heaviest rain is found in northeastern india and northern myanmar. as for japan, because of humid and cool air comes in from the ocean, the eastern half of the country will see glammy weather and rain showers will likely dissipate in tokyo as we head into this afternoon and temperatures will be cooling down by about 3 degrees compared to yesterday here. 25 degrees in seoul with clear conditions and down towards south 30 in hong kong and 31 in bangkok. moving into the americas then, yesterday we talked about tornado touched down in south carolina and very heavy rain pounded in much of the eastern half of the u.s. conditions are improving but the ohio valley and the
started. some of the locals are being forced to evict from their homes. they've been here for generations. this 68-year-old is being evicted from her shop house where she sells chinese wedding decorations. the family has been here for at least nine generations. her home is scheduled to be demolished to make space for a new subway station. many of her neighbors have already moved, but she and her family are still here. she will lose the family business, making it harder to earn a living. >> translator: the first time i opened my eyes, i was already here. my ancestors lived here. it's not just sad, it's devastating for an entire family. the community is broken. i feel like my whole world has disappeared. >> reporter: several concerned parties attend a meeting to discuss the eviction plan. citizens groups, human rights representatives, the subway operator and construction company take part. community leaders urge the authorities to change their plan and keep the destruction of old buildings to a minimum. after three hours, the parties remain deadlocked. there is no change to the existing pla
in order to address a very specific local need. i think that is going to be an area which is going to be an option for the policymaker. >> okay, all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> ron madison will join us later in the day from the imf world bank meetings. we'll have live updates from the tokyo international forum at 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. japan time. that's midnight and 7:00 a.m. in new york, 5:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. in london. >>> now let's check on the markets. u.s. markets ended lower on concerns that slowing growth in china and the eurozone are hampering u.s. earnings. the dow jones average fell more than 150 points, or 0.95%, to 13,344. to see how that's affecting stocks here in japan, we go to the tokyo stock exchange. u.s. earnings reports dragging down stocks on wall street. are tokyo stocks following suit? >> yes, indeed, catherine. we are seeing that. i'll come to the opening levels in a second. the real fear that is upcoming earnings may reflect the reality that a lot of companies have to scale back production and also cost-cutting measures have to be taking place,
in the heart of the city since 1976 rising 124 meters high, it is a local landmark. soon, though, it is going to stanld out for another reason. from january ivy and other greenery will slowly start to cover the walls until it reaches the very top. >> translator: it will be great to see so much green in a major city like this. >> translator: when it is completed, it will be one of the city's landmarks. >> the project is the brain child of leading architect undo born and raised in osaka. >> translator: i think seeing greenery will make a powerful impact. >> instead of just designing new buildings he has a bigger vision for the environment. he has begun several projects to bring more greenery into osaka. this riverside area has been turned into a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing. since 2004 ando has raised some $6.4 million to make this project a reality. he strongly believes osaka needs more flowers and green spaces. >> there is no greenery. it is dirty. there are homeless people everywhere. there are few jobs. that is the perception of osaka. i want to improve its image. >> for the past
decades after introducing the one-child policy, some local officials are conducting an experiment. they are yielding the rule to allow some parents to have more than one child. michitaka yamaka, nhk world, beijing. >> official statistics show about 1 million chinese families have lost their only child by the end of last year. the beijing municipal government supports such families with a monthly allowance. shanghai authorities provide onetime sympathy money, but the central government has yet to take any concrete steps to help the grieving parents. >>> a hurricane is forcing its way past the bahamas and moving north. meteorologist robert speta is here with the details. robert? >>> well, yes, we are still watching sandy here, and it's continuing to cruise off here towards the north. much of the caribbean, you did get impacted on your thursday, now going through friday. conditions are improving, still some showers across portions of haiti, but for the most part the storm is rushing off there towards the north. now the east coast of the united states, you're going to be on tap for so
to respond to requests from local authorities and bar content within a country. this is the first time they have used it. the general council says twitter managers are committed to free speech. but says it is good to have tools to withhold narrowly and transpare transparently. >> 9.4 million people in california have taken part in one of the largest annual earthquake drills in the country. >> right, now, drorngs cover and hold on. >> the state government and nonprofit groups, organized the event. they assumed a quake magnitude of 7.8. the drill began four years ago and is held every october. at a train station in central los angeles, commuters practiced evacuating. station officials helped passengers get off trains and walk along the tracks to the safety. >> any earthquake in the world that happens seems to, inspire people to take more interest in earthquakes. to get better prepared. and certainly, the earthquake in 2011, had, has, has done that. >> california has been hit by massive quakes in the past. experts say that if a 7.8 magnitude quake were to hit the state it could kill 2,000
see it as a promising market a japanese company has formed a joint venture with a local firm. their new factory began operations this month. a proud manufacture -- >> this is a huge market of 1 will 0 million people. the per capita kwon assumption is just 130 kilograms. we can expect steel to grow sharply. >> the biggest obstacle to doing business in pakistan is poor security. in the southern city of karachi, gun crime is rampant. in karachi, when japanese people go out by car. they usually take an armed security guard with them. this serves as a representative for a japanese company is one of them. he started traveling with an armed guard in june on the orders of his ememployer. he keeps cash in the car to offer in case he's robbed. >> this is a dummy purse with small amounts of cash. not having any cash could be dangerous. so i always keep this in the car. >> reporter: japanese corporations are making a calculated bet that expansion in pakistan is worth the risk and they feel welcome in a country where anti-u.s. sentiments run deep. pakistani president spoke to more than 30
through the land, before heading out to sea by friday morning. local time. as it moves over the south china sea it could intensify into a severe tropical storm and may make the second landfall in vietnam or hunan on the weekend. heavy rain is already occurring, more heavy rain is coming down. we anticipate more than 150 millimeters of trun fall over a wade area including manila with 200 millimeters or more. flooding and landslide will be an ongoing issue for the next couple of days here. up toward the north, things are quite different. of a belt of high pressure located over japan, korean peninsula. much of china bringing nice, balmy day. but the exception is going to be inland china. snow showers are intensifying here. some of the rain is going to be spreading over the area on your thursday. as for japan, heavy rain will be on the course. of course the northern half of the country, from thursday night. all right, moving into the americas, we can see a swirling cloud over the caribbean sea. this is tropical storm sandy. moving at a slow pace toward the north. it will likely become a h
, with locally, 500 millimeters. so, a mudslide is also, going to be a great concern here. as for the u.s. bulk of heavy ran should stay over the walters. parts of florida will see heavy rain as well as rough seas conditions over the next few daysai tropical system over the philippines. this is the tropical storm. the center move out to sea. gale force wind and heavy rain are impacting across the northern half of the philippines. it looks like it will become a severe tropical storm as the it moves over the south china sea and may make the second landfallen vietnam, on saturday. stormiest conditions are easing in the philippines. but we are anticipating 150 millimeters or more over the next 72 hours. mudslides. landslide. as well as the flooding will be a great risk here. and you will notice that heavy rain will be -- will be moving into parts of the, vietnam as well as we head into the weekend. this is not because of a tropical storm, but a low pressure system has dumped quite heavy rain across the black sea region. we have some footage coming out of turkey. the floodwaters, caused injuries and
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